The final samples

Today was our last day of diving. It was bittersweet, for sure. We motored around the reef terrace in search of patches of sediment. While we were limited by the placement of moorings and inability to anchor (not allowed on the terrace for good reason), we still managed to collect sediment from one more section of the reef. I was quite pleased with our haul! Below is our final sample count:

  • 14 collection sites, 7 on the reef terrace and 7 in the lagoon
  • 10 replicate sediment samples taken at each site, except for one which had very little sediment available to sample
  • 131 bulk bags total, weighing roughly around 250lbs

The next challenge: getting it all off the tiny atoll on the weight-restricted charter flights.


Sample bags drying in the sun to reduce their weight and save us money.


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